About Us


At EarthMaid we specialize in Deep Cleaning we also take pride in "clean" cleaning.  Which is why we implemented  Earth Cleaning, a process in which we only use High Grade, Naturally Made - Cleaning Solutions. Our cleaning solutions are catered to each home, using fragrances of the earth to create the aromatic environment each home desires.


EarthMaid is an 'Earth Cleaning' company that takes pride in working with nature NOT against it. We use steam cleaning in conjunction with organic cleaning products that are safe for all surfaces, living things, and the environment.


Our staff work hard to bring a peaceful

PH balance to your home and the air quality within it. The use of natural solutions brightens and whitens the most difficult cleaning jobs even better than the leading cleaners on the market. EarthMaid is Pro-Earth and Pro-Clean helping to lower the carbon footprint of the world one home at a time!




Our All Purpose Cleaner is specially formulated to cut through the toughest dirt and grime, leaving surfaces clean and sanitized without the harsh fumes or residue from chemicals. Safe for all surfaces and pets!

Why EarthMaid?


Because we care about your home and our home, the Earth. 


Earth Cleaning with steam, natural oil based cleansers and essential oils creates a harmonious balance, making your home one with the Earth. As a professional cleaning company, we take pride in reducing the bacteria, allergens and germs that are harmful to You and your loved ones.