'Cleaning the Earth  One Home at a Time'.

At EarthMaid our products are purely derived from the earth using:

 Minerals, Herbs, Fruits and Plants

We believe in Tradition which is why we implemented  'Earth Cleaning', this way of cleaning has been passed down for generations bringing with it health benefits, and harmonious balance.

Earth Cleaning doesn't

 use harmful chemicals, or outdated technology. Instead we use ingredients like tree fruits and oils, citrus and salts, oil based cleansers and steam. These ingredients and techniques are more natural to the earth and to our daily lives.


At EarthMaid we know home is where your day ends, and where

we begin!

That starts with the basics;

Fresh Air, 

Clean Surfaces, and a

Calming Environment...


Get in the habit of making your castle more natural with


 and watch your home shine!